Rust: The Art Gallery's book now published

Rust Gallery tour 2

'Where Ferrous Metal Meets Air and Water' - Stephen's book of rust photographs - is now published in association with Carcanet Press. It can be bought through all bookshops (ISBN 9781800172074) or through the Carcanet website:

Book launch cover.

The sole function of this gallery is to celebrate the texture, sculpture, and colour of rust.

COVID–19  In line with all major cultural institutions (eg the Tate, the V&A, the Wallace Collection) Director and Senior Curator, Stephen Raw, is pleased to announce the imminent opening of the Gallery to the public. Detials follow soon. Mr Raw, thanks all the Trustees and staff who have remained loyal during the pandemic.

Rust: The Art Gallery  c/o The Boiler Room Studio, St John’s Centre, St John’s Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 7GX




About the Gallery

It is important to register that the natural, ongoing rusting process is welcomed and that conventional conservation has no part to play in Rust: The Art Gallery. In the fullness of time all the exibits will end up as small fragments garnered in to a vacuum bag assigned solely for that purpose.

The Gallery is open for viewing by appoitment only. Check with the Director, Stephen Raw, for details:

As Rust: The Art Gallery does not receive funding of any description, all of the images in this catalogue are for sale as prints. From time to time – at the discretion of the Trustees – an exhibit is sold to allow the gallery to remain open.